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something so caked up like something a mac daddy would have you have to say DAMN!!
brotha that's PIMPALICIOUS, yo!!!
by who cares? March 30, 2003
woody, boner, erection, jack and the beanstalk, how's-your-father, stiffy, ice cream man, pretty much when a guy's equipment pops up to see what's up.
pedro! down boy down!
by who cares? March 30, 2003
One word sentence to show that someone has, metaphorically speaking "crossed the line". An indication that someone has gone too far with what they are saying.
Person 1: Yo mama so fat she ate 2 chickens
Person 2: Yo mama so fat she ate the whole world
Person 1: Line.

by Who cares? November 21, 2006
Who really gives a fuck if pokemon ripped em off or not - the point is
a) everything starts in digi + ends in mon
b) it was ruined by too many series
c) it was crap anyway
d) the characters are so unorginal and have simple replationship hooks o keep you watching (THAT ARE NEVER FOLLOWED THROUGH)
e) buuuuuuuuuuulllllllshhhhhiiiiiiitttttt
I rest my case
Digimon digital monsters:
Go catmon
Catmon digivolve to (cue irritating music)
Oh no, we are going ot die
Megacatmon digivolve to
AIIIIIEEEEEEE (trainer falls off cliff)
Ultramegacatmon evolve to Flyingultramegacatmon
And so on and so forth
by Who cares? October 10, 2005
pot, cannibis, weed, marajuana, the magical herb, god's gift to earth, the 11th ingridient in KFC. used as a term for pot in africa, literally "holy smokes" in afrikaans.
man try smokin his shit, this dagga is crazy!
by who cares? March 30, 2003
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