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Getting freaked out, or being upset and/or frightened due to some surprise or horrible discovery.
"Radica1Faith" Had a Pregnant when "Pylly" pranked him by saying he "Had a Pregnant" in response to "Radical1Faith" a year after "Radical1Faith" tried to create a meme around his expression "Have a Pregnant".
#shock #realization #pregnant #have #freak out #upset #surprise #discovery.
by Whiz-Kid July 03, 2010
Yoloday is short for 'You Only Live Once-DAY'

origin: wotsthisthen
A:You're hang gliding over the Grand Canyon with your monkey and a jetpack?

B: Yeah, it's Yoloday!
#full life #experience #holiday #special day #adventure
by Whiz-Kid November 08, 2010
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