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1. A major source of humour for anyone who has really nothing at all to do.
2. A dinosaur? Possibly.
3. A book which contains synonyms. Ironically, the word "thesaurus" has no synonyms.
1. Hey, apparently, "dice" is a synonym for "frangepanni" and "frangepanni" is a synonym of "bad spelling"!
2. (see the entry for "Thesaurus" below...)
3. z0mg, ROFLMFAO!!!!
by Whittsnake November 15, 2005
Anal sex. This can also mean anal rape, and is a code for anal sex in public.
"Hey, Jimmy, guess what? I was raining april all over Kate last night!"

"I love to Rain April on people!"

"Hey, did you hear the news? Some guy got put in prison for Raining April on some people!"
by Whittsnake May 23, 2005
A lame way of saying REALLY, REALLY much so!! It is an older, nerdier version of the things that little kids say:
"You're not my friend any more!"
"Well you're not my friend times 10!"
"Plus two!"
"Double that!"
"Times infinity!"
And so on and so forth.

It might be a good idea to see 1337 or l33t.
Josh: "Man... I suck at this!"
Tony: "Well I'm great! I play SSBM times 1337!"
by Whittsnake November 09, 2005

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