10 definitions by Whitt

Synonymous with nothing.
Joey was playing poker and threw the cards she'd been dealt down on the table. "Nada, bupkis, Yuba City! - I got NOTHIN'!"
by Whitt March 08, 2007
An extension of "AFU", meaning "All fucked-up together". This is a good thing.
My flight was delayed 2 hours due to bad weather, but my connecting flight was, too - they were AFUT! Woo-hoo! Lucky me!
by Whitt June 26, 2007
Babymamadrama is any action, talk or emotion revolving around overly involved mothers and their kids. These are mothers who LIVE completely for their children, are defined by their motherhood, but exact a price - they demand a level of attachment and almost lover-like relationship from their kids.
That Jocasta, Queen of Thebes! She has her son, Oedipus, kill her husband then marries the boy!! What a bunch of babymamadrama!!
by Whitt March 09, 2007
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