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to be very mistevious buy suddenly out breaking in outrageousness andcrazy beahvior beyond control for no apparent reason that nobody understands why.
ppl: wow hes pretty wistilious!
by Whitney n Sam November 25, 2003
to be a very awesome pperson who just kicks ass but does not have much for looks (not in the mean way)
the crazy man in the back room is very hidrillic when he yells outrageously.
by Whitney n Sam November 25, 2003
gangsta version of bitchin
G:shit man she be bizz ass'n
Jay:juz be leroy dickn around again with his cock n balls
by Whitney n Sam November 25, 2003
to be off alone most of the time. away from the group in ones own world. independant, drifter. a loner who floats around often doesn't talk or have any facial expression atall.
that lonely hobo is a very mistevious man even tho that other hobo is trying to talk to him.
by Whitney n Sam November 25, 2003
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