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When some asshole is doing something very wrong to an unsuspecting victim.
"I sensed douchbaggary was afoot when that prick showed up."
by WhiteyGotMeDown78 June 04, 2014
This is a mixture of piss, shit, and puss coming from either female or male genitalia and is left your underwear.
"I fucked Sally and now I've got the worst case of skivie snot..."

"Never fuck a dirty whore you'll get skivie snot."
by WhiteyGotMeDown78 June 04, 2014
This penis shrivels up so small and tight that it disappears into itself and is flush to the stomach like it didn't exist.
That skanky bitch gave me the worst case of cock skivols.
by WhiteyGotMeDown78 June 04, 2014
When a cat is kneading on your leg close to the inner thigh and his claw gets stuck in the the man's urethra causing the man to jerk forward and causing the cat's claw to cut open the man's penis to the base of the head. This cut then proceeds to leak a mixture of blood and semen similar in color to the female's vagina.
My cat gave me a justin bieber and I threw that son of a bitch across the room.
by WhiteyGotMeDown78 June 04, 2014
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