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2 definitions by WhitesDie

this is where a bitch is givin you good D and you cum all over her face then when you blew your load on her face you whip out a handful of glitter(the more glitter the better) and slap the bitch right in the face, making the girls face a walking jizz decoration
"i just sparklooged that bitch now she shines more than silverwear. "
by WhitesDie April 26, 2007
3 3
Vitamin D is used when reffering to the quality of a blowjob you get from a chickenhead. Vitamin D is the cum you give to the bitch thats on your dick.
"I just gave that bitch Vanessa good Vitamin D 10 minutes ago in the bathroom."

by WhitesDie April 26, 2007
25 76