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A little bitch who is able to get anything that he wants from his parents. Usually has an extremely high-pitched voice and attempts to act "black" while playing games online. When a white boy wants something or doesn't like something he will complain to his parents, who will immediately file a lawsuit, usually accusing an African-American of something that he didn't do, and he will always win. Basically an all-around faggot who will get nowhere in life.
White Boy:"Mommy! Mommy! I got killed in MW2 by a guy with the gamer tag "BlackMan123"

White Mom:"Oh no! I'll go find a nigger and file a lawsuit! Then you can complain and suck big dicks and try to act tough online as you always do!"

White Boy:"Yay! Mommy gets me anything!"
by Whitepplsckdck June 02, 2010

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