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Hipster male: A total pussy possessing the fashion sense of an adolescent school girl, poor motor skills and below average hand-eye coordination. Cannot fix anything mechanical. Displays little to no athleticism. Listens to Coldplay while smoking pot and updating Pinterest page. Little success in longer term relationships as strong-willed women typically leave to pursue more sexually accomplished and career focused males. Can be seen on YouTube getting his ass kicked at an "Occupy This" demonstration. His grandfather who drives a truck, fought in Korea and worked three jobs to put his children through college is sickened by him.

Hipster female: A brat who never shuts the fuck up and possesses the fashion sense of an adolescent male. Has a false sense of confidence displayed by non-stop talking and pseudo-male behavior. Changes her life direction sporadically and frequently due to lack of any real male companionship (a result of interaction with above mention hipster males). Sexually frustrated and therefore occasionally acts out bisexually. Usually the "alpha" in the relationship with her aforementioned hipster male partner whom she usually has a much higher income than.
Hipster Male: "Babe, have you seen my pork-pie hat?"

Hipster Female: "It's on the nightstand next to your Bukowski novel and the "epic" strap-on I use to defile you. By the way, I'm going out for drinks with your sister."

Hipster Male: "Any way you could drop me off at the Apple store?"
by WhiteWilly November 20, 2012

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