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There are a few types of white rasta.
The most common is the middle class, marijuana-obsessed joke who emulates black people and Bob Marley. This type of white rasta almost never knows anything about rastas or Selassie.

Another type of White Rasta is the legit, Jah serving, moral, layed-back kind. This one doesn't necessarily have to have dreadlocks or smoke herb. He is a true Rastafarian.

The last type is your average joe, silly character. This type always has dreads, but not because he emulates black people, or is full of angst. Usually this white rasta decides to have dreads because it makes him feel different. It is more of an act of nonconformity (see: hipster). This kind of white rasta doesn't always have to smoke herb. To them it is really only about the hairstyle. Can't exactly be considered a poser, since he doesn't claim to know anything about the culture that comes with the hair.
Silly White Rasta thinks hes black... it's so pathetic.
#white #rasta #wigger #sellassie #poser #hipster
by WhiteRasta#3 June 15, 2011
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