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A mob of white people that started in September of 2009 at Hogan High School in east side Vallejo, CA. The mob is continuously growing in numbers and is a force to be reckoned with. This mob takes great pride in their Caucasian race and will not accept other races into the gang. The mob is extremely protective of other whites, even those not associated with the mob itself. The founder and co-founder thought it was time that the white race finally stood up to reverse racism (definition #3-the rest), if a black yells "black power!" he is "standing up for his rights", but if a white person yells "white power!", that is considered "racist". Us whites get called racist for anything we do, and its wrong, we are simply standing up for OUR rights...

The gang sign for White Mob is when you hold up your right hand (palm facing yourself and fingers pointing up) and hold down your ring finger with your thumb, and your left hand the same except fingers pointing downward, so
displaying "WM" for "White Mob".
"Nigga, white mob is CRAZY! Don't be fuckin wit dem, they'l fuck yo shit up, breh!"
by WhiteMobFounder May 02, 2010

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