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2 definitions by WhiteHawK

A being of such fantastic ability and skill, that most fall far beneath him in awe. A being that others wish they could be like in any aspect: someone above you.
"xil-ar1z rides WhiteHawK's rail"
<WhiteHawK> Thanks for riding Air-HawK
<xil-ar1z> OMFG !?!?! I didn't know anyone could be THAT good! I'm going to hang your poster on my ceiling WhiteHawK!!! <3
by WhiteHawK February 06, 2003
A retard who talks alot of smack and doesn't realize that he IS a retard, and not the cool person that he thinks he is.
Smacktard: I am the best at this game, and no one can beat me!
TrueGamer: (as he sends a missle up Smacktard's tailpipe) Really?
Smacktard: You just got lucky it won't happen again, cause I am the best.
TrueGamer: (as he spreads fire on Smacktard after he spawns) Are you sure?
Smacktard: You just let me get in the air, and I'll show you who's boss.
TrueGamer: (After flying in loops and coming around on an F-16 taking off) Now whose the boss Smacktard?
Smacktard: (As another missle slams him from behind) . . .uh. . .That was because of lag man!

Just another Smacktard.
by WhiteHawk April 03, 2004