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An over rated rock band that plays the same, generic stadium rock over and over. Popular because Dave Grohl used to play drums for Nirvana and thus Gen Xers and young rock wannabes rally around this bloodless extension of a brief time when alternative music meant something genuine.
"Foo Fighters? They are homogenous rockers with indie cred due to their bland singer who used to drum for this innovative band called Nirvana."
by whitehawk May 31, 2015
A being of such fantastic ability and skill, that most fall far beneath him in awe. A being that others wish they could be like in any aspect: someone above you.
"xil-ar1z rides WhiteHawK's rail"
<WhiteHawK> Thanks for riding Air-HawK
<xil-ar1z> OMFG !?!?! I didn't know anyone could be THAT good! I'm going to hang your poster on my ceiling WhiteHawK!!! <3
by WhiteHawK February 06, 2003
A retard who talks alot of smack and doesn't realize that he IS a retard, and not the cool person that he thinks he is.
Smacktard: I am the best at this game, and no one can beat me!
TrueGamer: (as he sends a missle up Smacktard's tailpipe) Really?
Smacktard: You just got lucky it won't happen again, cause I am the best.
TrueGamer: (as he spreads fire on Smacktard after he spawns) Are you sure?
Smacktard: You just let me get in the air, and I'll show you who's boss.
TrueGamer: (After flying in loops and coming around on an F-16 taking off) Now whose the boss Smacktard?
Smacktard: (As another missle slams him from behind) . . .uh. . .That was because of lag man!

Just another Smacktard.
by WhiteHawk April 03, 2004
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