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When a negro runs across a 4, 6, 8 or 12 lane interstate highway like he is playing a life-size version of Frogger.
Watch out!! There's a nogger hopping over the barrier of the highway.
by WhiteDude February 01, 2013
Derogatory term referring to a caucasian (white person). Derived from the Spanish word Gringo but meant to be inflammatory.
White is to Grink as Black is to N*****
by whitedude October 14, 2007
Proper Name; Pronounced "Sha-lazy-ah"

The lazy girl of the family. A girl so lazy - even if she has a job at home - she can't get to work on time.
Only two words can explain how slow-moving and slow-thinking Shelazya got into college "Affirmative Action".
by WhiteDude March 09, 2013
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