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Believing one race is better than another (Unless it really is!)
1. When black people say that all White people are racist is not only racist, but it is hypocritical.
2. Thinking White people are better than the typical black person is NOT racist.. EX: MOST White people are superior (responsibility, ethics, morals) to MOST Black people (The kind that live in (L.A. Atlanta, Detroit.)

3. Black people believe they should be given everything because their "ancestor" were put into slavery and kept down because of white people, which isn't true because Negroes who were high in the African society sold lower Black people to the Americans.

I really dislike Black people like the above examples, not all black people, and it's not racist, because I don't hate them because they're black it's because of the way they act!
by WhiteChristianRepublican October 15, 2009
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