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Aside from the well written definition above, it is also the males instinct to quickly cover ones gonads if in danger.
As I walked to math class, I saw a bird flying at mid body level, not taking any chances, I quickly covered my gonads with one hand and quickly attempted to play it off as if nothing had happened.
by White widow April 14, 2005
When something deserves a "wtf" so bad that you search for a word above wtf but fail and instead type like, and then continue to give it the wtf.

LOL I went to runnas house and his wall had fucking orgasms taped to it loller boat x 2 omfg pikachu owns."

Teen: Truck assembler has collapsed in aisle 2 please proceed to dispose of critical mass.

Teen 2: Like, wtf?
by White widow April 14, 2005
your not a goth and your not a punk but u have those features
*your a goth huh, fuck you bitch im a Pandi*
by White Widow December 08, 2003

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