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A proud race that migrated from the North to the "New World." People whos ways of Nature and beauty were more cherished then others. Some Tribes believed that a "Native" was born with a quality under a wheel. Courage, Braviery, wisdom, Honor, medicine man. "Tun-Han-kua" -Lokota for Buffollo, was a symbol of God.
But in the 1800s Europeans, now reconized as the white man, stole land and raped my people. Put us in Rez and tried to make us like them. In old classical Films, we were saw as the "Bad Guys, Savages" When the savages were really greedy mine workers. The term "Indian" is a ignorant statement from that fag Christopher Columbus.
"The White Man Are Like Locust." - From 'Into the West'
Native Americans - True owners of American.
Idiot - So what rase are you?
Native- Im Native American.
Idiot - an Indian! cool!
Native - No, a Native American, or Native, I dont call you honkie do I?
Idiot - No duhh
by White Wind February 06, 2006

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