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A person thats not quite right in the head or insane is touched, the word should be said whilst pointing towards the head.
Boy: Today gemma scooby sat on the floor and sang to herself.
sister: Gemma... Is that the girl thats a bit touched, touched by an angel
by White Wicca March 12, 2004
A sharp wooden stick used to dust vampires, people enter the stake through the heart and the vampire turns to dust
Quick pass me a stake, this guy is trying to bite me
by White Wicca March 14, 2004
A creature of the night without a soul many different kinds of demons exist, some are poisoned, huma hybrids such as vampires others are pure demon, sent into hell demensions at the dawn of human time. pure demons are the biggest, theyre stronger and eviler than others, many ancient and lost texts speak of such demons but they have been lost of centuries, and written in lost languages such as samarian and tulak, many can only be killed in a specific way such as drowning or a stake through the heart. Many demons are worshipped by people.
She was a demon, she killed him
by White Wicca March 13, 2004
A fear of everything
Gemma had a fearof everything, not just wasps.
by White Wicca March 13, 2004
This is like a kind of poetic justice, it is used by some depressed people when people make fun of them and then that person falls over or dies or gets hoppety hopped all over there boneable flesh by bunnies.
Haha, not thats depressive justice
by White Wicca March 12, 2004
opposite of floopy, when something is no longer sad
youve just gotta hope that one day your floopy life will become un-floopy
by White Wicca March 14, 2004
A contience that everybody has, the spirit of everybodys life, when somebody dies somebodys soul leaves the body and goes into one of millions of heavenly dimensions
She lost her soul
by White Wicca March 13, 2004

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