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A mythological Canandian Sasquatch. Most have claimed to have seen this beast in Canada, but some sightings have been reported in the upper states of the U.S. and few claim to have even seen it in the midwest, such as Missouri (Momo the Monster). What makes this Sasquatch different from other Bigfoot claims, is that it's beard, or fur, comes in 3 different colors rather than an equal tone across the whole body. It also differs due to it's ability to use it's feet like hands, which sometimes causes it's name to represent a Canadian Monkey rather than a Sasquatch. It tends to rarely be seen in warm weather as it prefers the cold, hence being seen mostly in Canada.
Something wrecked our campsite, crushed our bread and stole our mayonnaise. It must have been a Kynan, let's get out of here.
by White Voodoo November 30, 2010

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