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a woman with only one labia. Used also as a derogatory name for a woman you dislike.
"my exgirlfriend had a skeetgina"

"Man, your mom is a total skeetgina!"
by White Frank Black September 04, 2006
A situation that is highly unpleasant and has a coercive nature. Like a bind or a jam
"Man, I can't believe you killed that midget. What a fuckaroo you got us into this time."
by White Frank Black April 14, 2008
A person with one arm or with only one hand.
In zoolander the hand model was a pseudo "skeetclops".

"Hey man, did you see that old guy? He was missing an arm! What a skeetclops"

"I hope that skeetclobs doesn't stump me"
by White Frank Black September 02, 2006
A festival of testicals. Synonymous with sausage fest. It means a gay orgy or a large concentration of males or male genatalia
"Dude that catholic church is such a testival"

"There's nothing but a testival at gay bars"
by White Frank Black September 03, 2006
noun: When the amputated limb is inserted into an orfice in the body
"That old man stumped me!"

"That skeetclops stumps like crazy"
by White Frank Black September 02, 2006
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