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Acronym for the famous line "Get Out Of Here Stalker!" from the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl. Can be used as a statement of dismissal or surprise.

Stalker A: Hey I'm just standing here, can't I come in?
Stalker B: GOOHS

Stalker A: Did you hear the next S.T.A.L.K.E.R game is going to be a multiplatform release?
Stalker B: GOOHS!
by White Fire October 31, 2010
When the guy you left to get infected while you saved yourself comes back to bite you in the ass, quite literally.
Person A: Hey you remember we left Tony in that room to act as bait to lure the zombies away from us?
Person B: yeah, why?
Person A: Well he just turned up over there and bit me
Person B: That's some serious zombie Irony right there
by White Fire May 28, 2010
The act of forcing oneself to endure, without physical signs of discomfort, otherwise unbearably low temperatures by simply refusing to wear a jacket.

If one shows physical signs of discomfort whilst refusing to wear a jacket he or she will be subject to ridicule amongst his or her friends, e.g. being called a dickhead, therefore to avoid such ridicule the mind will force the body to cope with the cold.

For added incentive one can carry their jacket with them and still refuse to wear it. Carrying a jacket whilst being obviously cold makes the person attempting to exploit The Dickhead Factor appear even more foolish thus increasing the levels of ridicule they will have to endure and their incentive not to show discomfort.
Person A (wearing jacket):- Hey, aren't you cold out here? It's freezing!
Person B (not wearing jacket):- Nope, I'm fine.
Person A:- wow, you must be immune to cold or something.
Person C:- Don't fall for it, he's just exploiting The Dickhead Factor.
by White Fire November 30, 2010
Barrel Blocking Device

A term commonly used in the sport of paintball but which can apply to any firearm. A BBD (barrel blocking device) is an item which blocks or covers the barrel of a paintball marker to prevent the accidental discharge of a paintball.

There are two main forms or BBD, A barrel sock (AKA barrel condom)or a barrel plug.
a barrel plug was his BBD of choice
by White Fire September 06, 2007

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