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6 definitions by White Chocolate

a guy that is old but looks young
he's got such a nice babyface
by white chocolate May 11, 2003
98 49
a white boi who talks shit but cant back it.
mike who hits girls cuz he cant hold his own to a guy.
by white chocolate January 17, 2004
146 125
It Means The Same As Fo' Shizzle Except A Newer Version

It Means Yes, and For Sure
Yo, You Goin To The Party Tonight?

Fo' Shellian
by White Chocolate July 24, 2004
4 3
see also: mostank or, an excessive odor.
Twentylettersand three words
by White Chocolate March 17, 2005
3 13
Its dead and sexy combined
That bitch is dexy dogg
by White Chocolate December 11, 2004
13 29
the process in which two old men have hott anal sex and don't use lube
grandpa joe and his neighbor ben were on the kitchen floor poppin trunk
by white chocolate May 18, 2003
35 150