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The love of my life. I want his little wiener!
White Base55: Fuck me Dragon!
DragonflyG1: F's U
by White Base55 November 18, 2004
A chat for AIM. Everyone there loves me. And I love all of them (well, only the guys).
Everyone: Shut the fuck up, White. You're a stupid faggot angsty nigger. Just die already.
White Base55: You guys are so silly!
by White Base55 November 19, 2004
My boyfriend. He is so cute! ^_______^
White Base55: I love you Slash. Let's get married.
FDSlash: when we get married, let's move to boisde and have some kids
by White Base55 November 19, 2004
The coolest guy I know. I would never steal his TV, not if it was the last TV on Earth, or even Gundam Planet X69!!!
PottyTime3: shut up white
White Base55: Shut up FaggotTime (Note: I don't really think he's gay, I just wish he was so that I could suck his large wiener.)
by White Base55 November 18, 2004
Yup thats me, in every way.
I ate fried chicken and stole another niggers TV, unfortunatly, I have no electricity to run it.
by white base55 November 20, 2004
What you are if you say something I disagree with.
Someone: I think WWI was more important than WWII,
White Base55: Ignored/10.
by White Base55 November 20, 2004
The center point of all of LUE. Both dumbasses, perverts, n00bs and philosophers.
Non Vesta Rex: You're not talking
Yeaqhz1313: DON'T have a girlfriend, that's just not the reason i don't go to dances
DarkZero104: ...you're gay?
Non Vesta Rex: XD
Non Vesta Rex: Well played, Dark
Non Vesta Rex: Well played
by White Base55 December 12, 2003

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