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4 definitions by White

A street name for cocaine.
Jim: "You got any white left from that 8 ball?"
Jack: "Nah, I finished it all off last night."
by White February 16, 2005
1742 597
just another dirty nigger
*wispers* look at those niggers
*screams* whach you 2 crackas lookin at dawg we funna jump nigga best bounce
by white June 24, 2004
21 46
Weet: like weeties but for kitty's
ur so weet
Your weet to kitty.
by White November 24, 2004
2 39
my favoreite rapper, and to me is the realest and too many haters out there that hate him BUT DON'T KNOW WHY, propably some ppl that listen to radio and go "G UNIT!!!!!!!" "YEH!"
Master P is so cool and so is no limit, i am behind themm all the way, i hate 50 cent and all those other famous ass rap faggets, no limit wu tang and underground rappers from new memphis rule!!!
by white June 25, 2004
68 194