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M.A.O.I.S. = Middle Age Occupational Impasse Syndrome. From age 30 to 50 one can feel like a failure, and not know or understand what it is one should really be doing.

One could be unemployed and looking for a job, but never finding a good job. Or, one could be employed but in a job where there is no chance of future promotion or success.
Ted has a bad case of M.A.O.I.S. - he's been out of a job for three years and does not know what he wants to do for a living.

Mary has M.A.O.I.S. because she is working in a job that has no chance of promotion or increase in salary.
by Whistle Berries July 15, 2011
An ATNA is a person who is "All Talk No Action."
Donald Trump might be an "ATNA" because he is hinting at running for President in 2012. Yet, according to the New York City Election Board he has not voted for many years.
by Whistle Berries April 23, 2011
"She-He" is a person born as a female, who is living as a male, frequently as a result of transgender surgery, but not always.
Chastity Bono is now known as Chaz Bono, and is living as a man. Therefore, Chaz is a "She-He."
by Whistle Berries September 04, 2011
POOSSSLQ is the acronym for a Person Of Opposite Sex Sharing Same Living Quarters.

Used to describe a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a roommate, or a couple lving together.
John is Mary's POOSSSLQ. Linda is Fred's POOSSSLQ.
by Whistle Berries May 14, 2011
"TP" is the acronym for a Transgender Person, or a person who has had a sexual reassignment surgery. A man changing to a woman or a woman changing to a man, would be a "TP."
Chastity Bono had surgery to become a "male" and is now known as Chaz Bono. Chaz is a "TP," or Transgender Person.
by Whistle Berries September 04, 2011
SOOSE is the acronym for "Sudden Onset Of Shit Episode," whereupon one is overcome by the sudden NEED to shit. This necessitates the urgent, often frantic, need to find a toilet, ASAP, or risk uncontrolled evacuation of one's bowels in whatever one is wearing at that moment. Often accompanied by growling of the lower bowels, and diarrhea.
Roger had a SOOSE, but made it to a toilet in time.
by Whistle Berries July 20, 2011
Mabs are a "pre Moob" condition, or pre man boobs. Mabs are the flabby breast tissue flesh just before the transition to moobs.

Some men have fatty breast tissue. Although more common to men who are a tad overweight, Mabs or Moobs can happen to any man, even slender and physically fit men.
Jeff was running and his mabs were jiggling.

Whenever George wears just a T Shirt, it is very apparent that he has mabs.
by Whistle Berries July 13, 2011
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