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One who will try many different ways to catch fish (throws everything in their tackle box at them), but at the end will always go back to live bait.
Peter, is pulling a Heinz again, he can't catch a fish unless it's with live bait.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
Someone who prefers icefishing to other forms of fishing and is good at doing it.
Gus is the Iceman of Ontario.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
Someone who is extraordinarily good at gaffing fish while ice fishing. Never misses a chance to land a fish.
Ryan is our gaffer without a doubt.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
Fisherman born and raised in Australia but has embraced the Canadian sport of icefishing as long as there is beer, fun and cards as part of the mix!
Tim is all Aussie when it come to our ice fishing trip.
by whisperer January 27, 2009
One who thinks the more smoke he filled the hut with the more fish he will catch, when icefishing.
John is being such a cigar today, and it's actually working for a change.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
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