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3 definitions by Whiptail

An activity primarily used by (but not exclusive to) young homosexual men. The original aim was to intentionally contract the HIV virus by exposing oneself to a carrier, ensuring death one the virus took hold (many likened this to a form of suicide).

Some gay men, expose themselves to the virus if their partners have it in order to have sex without the need for protection and as a form of bonding.

However, some bug catchers enjoy 'collecting' STD's and will go out of their way to contract as many as possible. They usually enjoy telling people about thier diseases, are exhibitionist about them and see them as achivements. Some even cultivate or inflame the diseases, and do not seek medical attention in order to get disterbing symptoms or perminant disfiguration.

Normally, the more extreme Bug chasers or bug catchers care little for their well being are mentally disturbed and unstable. Most are sexually free and there may even be some that enjoy giving their 'gifts' to unaware sexual partners.
"I think I look pretty hot, even if I do have genital warts. I don't mind them at all. In fact, I have a fetish for 'bug catching' which is getting lasting 'gifts' from sex partners (I never use condoms for this reason). If you disagree with it, that is fine. Just don't judge me." - Quote from a certified Bug Catcher
by Whiptail August 19, 2007
A variation of SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Normal SAD is a mental disorder where the sufferer experiances extreme depression and mood swings during the darker, colder winter months.

Reverse SAD is a much rarer form, where the sufferer experiances extreme drepression and mood swings during the hotter summer months.

People may equate the summer months with swarms of insects, heat rash and sunburn and get depressed that it may happen when ever summer comes around. Overweight people or people with heat sensative skin (excema for example) may dislike the heat too.

It is unknown why people suffer from SAD at all. It could be a mental difficency, a lack of vitamin D (vitamins we get from the sun), or a programmed state of mind.
"I can't bear it, im so depressed! The hot summer has triggered off my reverse SAD"
by Whiptail August 19, 2007
An acronym for two mental disorders:

1) Social Anxiety Disorder
Also known as social phobia. It is a fear or worry about social situations. People with SAD often appear as being shy, but in extreme circumstances sufferers can become extreamly depressed and suicidal. Social anxiety causes difficulty with social interaction. It is a mental illness and should not be seen as just shyness.

2) Seasonal Affective Disorder
A mental disorder which causes the sufferer to become extreamly depressed during the colder, darker winter months. Although it's not known what causes this, it is still a mental disorder and should be treated as such.
1) My SAD has stopped me from going to many parties. I don't go out much.

2) I go on holiday to Australia during Englands winter months to avoid setting my SAD off.
by Whiptail August 19, 2007