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Jagodas are known for how crazy they are. These Polish girls will ROCK YOUR WORLD.

They drink like European men, vodka being their drink of choice. You may not realize it, but they are usually drinking all throughout the day. Jagoda can drink you under the table, any day of the week, they walk the walk.

Jagodas are forces of nature in bed. Carnal like animals, constant sexual appetite. If you manage to get one, hold on for dear life! You won't find another girl like this and you can never go back.

Other than being European goddesses and rare beasts, Jagodas are known as most Polish women to be some of the most beautiful in the world and they have personalities to match. The life of the party. Some of the most caring, big hearted people you will meet. They are hesitant to let anyone in. but once they love, they love for a lifetime. Hurt a Jagoda and she will make you feel her wrath in ways that you will never see coming. They have also been known to go to great lengths to make people happy, no matter how insignificant the person or thing.

Fun loving, there will never be a dull moment, she will give your life purpose, a Jagoda is a catch!
"Who is that with him?"
"Jagoda?!?! How did he manage that?!?!"
by WheresWonderland91 June 02, 2013

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