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2 definitions by WheresMyronBaker

A green earthy hippie type. Can commonly be seen in frocky woven hemp gear, playing tribal wooden flutes at the sight of fallen trees. Smells strongly of Patchouli oil. The male versions typically sport copious amounts of hair on the top and front of the head. The females tend to have massive amounts of hair everywhere else. Both versions smell like shit.
The guy on the show American Inventor who pranced into the board room playing a flute (Flute Blower) to introduce his invention consisting of three sticks. His life story included examples of him and his friends making random music at their commune in the hills around San Francisco.
by WheresMyronBaker February 12, 2010
A ridiculously small, and usually overpriced conveyance driven by people who want to be sure they let you know they believe they are smarter than you. These people are liberals (libs...hence the term libmosine) and as such the names of the cars themselves must appeal their pretentious need to feel smarter than everyone else (obviously even though they arent). ie Smart Car.
Hahahahaha! Hey look at that moron in the libmosine! I bet he can fit a whole bag of organic produce in a reusable cloth bag acquired via free trade in the storage pocket in the rear of that thing!
by WheresMyronBaker February 12, 2010