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A terrible day where 3000 people lost their lives and over 300 million lost their freedom. A day where the largest democracy in the world became a police state. A day when small minded but powerful men were able to persuade millions all over the world to give in to fear. This was the day that 3 skyscrapers succumbed to fire and collapsed, which is the first time ANY skyscraper has ever done this. This was the day when the physical laws of the universe were suspended and steel which normally melts at over 3000F, melted at 2000F. This is also the day when a 100 ton aircraft flown by an incompetent pilot executed near acrobatic maneuvers, ripped through 5 large light standards, crashed into the pentagon and virtually disintegrated on impact, leaving almost no wreckage. This was the second time that a aircraft of this size has disintegrated in this manner, the first occured the same day in Pennsylvania. This was the day that journalistic integraty finally died after years of withering and rot. This was the day when a failing administration became popular again. This was the day when a war agenda was made possible. This was the day I realized that I would see the collapse of freedom in my lifetime and that it wouldn't be ripped away from us, but given up willingly. This was one of the saddest days in the history of man, but not in the way the media and the governments of the world would have you think.
Osama: OK...so we all have this straight, we emerge from our caves, and attack the people who have trained and funded us on 9/11.

17 Terrorists: Brilliant!!!
by Where's the truth? August 22, 2007
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