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Blowing a guy while he has a dump rearing out of his rectum...You push the breaching dump back in with your thumb, or for experienced piper's, a toe. Then the male will produce a low bellowing sound. This is the devil's bagpipe.
"Yo, dude, did you get a B.J. from that chick?"

"Nah, man...even better...she was blowin' my rod and then I felt a turtle head pokin out and she pushed it in with her thumb...I made this weird whale-ish kind of sound...I had heard legends of the devil's bagpipe, but never experienced it. It was so awesome!"

"Man, I want a devil's bagpipe!"
by Where's my dad? May 20, 2009
For Males only; A mean streak is executed when you perform a reverse wipe. This means you wipe your ass back to front which creates a brown "streak" all over your scrotum. When anyone touches the tainted scrotum, they will think that you are very mean, thus creating a "mean streak"
"Oh my God!, I saw Mark undressing and ran over for a quickie...I started grabbing for his balls and smelled a ripened stink...I looked down and saw human shit all over his balls...It got all over my hand! It was disgusting!!"

"For real???! Thats sick! He is one mean dude!"

"Yeah, he's been on a real MEAN STREAK lately"
by Where's my dad? May 20, 2009

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