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Wheelock College is an insane asylum. There is 80% girls, 70% of them being over weight. The 20 percent of men, is fully composed of tools who think more about themselves then their education. The cafe food is worse than you're great grandmothers meatloaf. Every person of high authority only has their high school diploma. The students here are more worried about the drama, rather than their own educations. The dorm buildings have rat infestations, excluding the two 'newer dorms', who are only accessed by students with an abundance of daddy and mommy's money. The academic advisor is more worried about her lame life-metaphors - including that everyone at Wheelock drives their own bus, and Wheelock's faculty is behind us every step of the way. The library is louder than a 6 year olds basketball practice. We have no gym, athletic facilities, or decent sports teams what so ever.

And anyone is welcome! Half of our students are straight out of the funny farm, so no need to feel like you'll be rejected.
Man - "You see that crazy person over there?"

Women - "Yeah, former Wheelock College student"

Man - "Isnt it obvious?"
by Wheelock Undergrad April 05, 2011

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