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Refering to what getting screwed, getting hosed, getting the shaft may feel like. Attempting to personify the term "getting screwed," "getting fucked," Often revering to getting it straight up the ass. Synonym: "It really fucking sucks!"
David says: "Oh my God! "Dicks-patch" is fucking us again!"
Cory says: "Yeah. It burns"

Your boss is being a jerk (again) and has you doing something totally ridiculous that makes no sense at all. And it's gonna interfere with your productivity. It burns! Because he's screwing you again. And doesn't even give the common courtesy of a reach-around.

David says: "Hey, Cory! It burns!"
Cory says: "Oh. Is Dispatch doing it again??"
David says: "Let's go dispatch-tipping"..."Mooooooooo!"
by WheelChalk February 19, 2011

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