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The combination of sleepy, horny, and hungry. The worst combination imaginable. Too sleepy to fuck or eat. Too horny to sleep or eat. Too hungry to sleep or fuck. So you just lay there and slowly crumble away. The only way to fix the problem is to take care of two of the three things at once.
Shannon: Fuck me!

Zack: I can't! I'm shlorngry. Bring me some pie and maybe then.
by Wheatnik September 08, 2010
Short for Good Night Sweet Girl. When texting a girl at bedtime and you don't have the courage to tell a girl the sweetest goodnight sentence of all time, you say this instead. She will reply with "huh?" and then you will text back a smiley. She'll find out sooner or later cause you'll cave and give it away. But the first few times you send it, it'll be your own little uber-romantic secret.
Dani: Ok, I'm going to bed. Night!

Zack: Gnsg.

Dani: huh?

Zack: :]
by wheatnik January 30, 2011

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