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The feeling of extreme exhaustion the comes over you right after long session of masturbation.
Man, I was on the interwebs last night looking at porn and went to bed fappergasted.
by whcgonzo November 11, 2011
The rock-hard erection the often is present upon waking.
I woke up with such a Morning Stanley that my blanket look like a pup tent.
by whcgonzo November 06, 2012
Two men using ajoined catheters for pleasure.
Dude, John and I were totally candeling last last night and now I can't pee.
by whcgonzo November 02, 2012
To defecate inside a swamp cooler (usually located on the roof of homes in the Southwest).
Dude, I just left a penthouser over at Dave's place.
by whcgonzo July 06, 2012
The art of using a person's words against them.
Will used word jitsu to make that guy look like a tool/
by whcgonzo February 10, 2012
The result of cryogenically freezing an elderly person.
My dad got sick so we had him turned into a grandpacicle until they find a cure.
by Whcgonzo February 08, 2012
The point at which a penis bends.
Dude, his wang is so crooked it has a junk knuckle
by Whcgonzo October 26, 2011
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