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1 definition by WhatsYourName?YouWouldntUnders

said by a person to get on another persons nerves. usually the other person is asking a question. with which the first person responds with "you wouldnt understand, youre not in college". this can be said over and over and over again
sara: "how was dinner?"
Ryan: "you wouldn't understand, you're not in college"
sara: "but YOURE not in college either?!:
Ryan: "exactly. you wouldnt understand that because youre not in college"
sara: "but you arent in college so you wouldnt understand either!"
ryan: "you wouldnt understand, youre not in college"
sara: "thats it! we are through!"
ryan: "I dont thing you understand that terminology, youre not in college?"
by WhatsYourName?YouWouldntUnders February 17, 2010