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A really dirty house. Usually with shit smeared on the wall, trash stacked everywhere, food rotting in the chairs, 5 inches of dust.
Simon's house was such an asshouse! Did you see the shit on the walls?
by Whatevah! December 14, 2009
Boochen is made up from the word "boo" + the german ending "chen". Chen in german is known as a feminizing, belittling, yet cute word. Example: "Madchen" or little cute women. Therefore a boochen is your cute little boo!
I love my boochen! Sie ist sehr nett!
Bit Bit is my boochen, she is my German aupair sugar lump!
by Whatevah! December 14, 2009
A little girl. Can be a whore, can be really ghetto, can be really cute. It is a real toss up, she seems to be a bit of everything!
That boochen bit bit is such a catch look at all the tricks she can flip.
by Whatevah! December 14, 2009
A peninsula is a gay person that has some affiliation with the gay scene but it only represents up to 1/4th or less of his life. Usually because he knows what drama it entails. Peninsula's are happy living on there peninsulas, reaching a balance between the scene and the ocean of girlfriends that surrounds and takes up 3/4ths of his life.

Peninsula's are out of closet and on the map, but due to their limited contact, some people might not know that much about them. They are easier to get to know than "island(s)" (look up definition) because they are out and affiliated with the scene.
Screw finding me an island gay. I can't be bothered to sail to an island, ill just get me a peninsula.
by Whatevah! March 07, 2009
An island is a gay person that is not on the scene and usually does not care to be on it. Usually because he knows what drama it entails. Islands are happy living on their island, isolated around their ocean of girlfriends.

Also, while the seas might be well charted , few people might know he is out, or know of him, tho usually they are out or just sooo obviously gay. Unless you have habit of visiting the tropics then u might not know them!
I am so sick of the gays on the scene here! I need to find me a nice island to retire on!
by Whatevah! March 05, 2009
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