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The most self-explanatory class you'll have in high school. There are only a few key things that you need to remember:
1. Don't have sex...or you die!
2. Don't drink...or you die!
3. When a girl and a boy love each other... they FUCK!
4. STDs are diseases that just keep on giving
5. When someone's horny, they FUCK themselves or somebody!
6. The menstrual cycle is when a girl/woman/female teacher of yours is very bitchy and is "riding the cotton pony."
"Hey mom, I had a great time in Health Class!"
"Yeah, it was awesome! Our teacher taught us how to fuck one another in the corner, butt, vagina... oh, it was awesome!"
"I hope you had fun, Johnny Boy!"
"I sure did, mom. Now, let's fuck some more!"

Isn't Health Class great?
by WhatTheFuckMan?! January 14, 2011

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