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A delosate city with no jobs unless you own a bar or beer distributer. "Erieites" are people who have serious mental problems. Why would someone live in a place that is fridged 10 months out of the year, with nothing to do. The main profession in the strange place is being a professional alchohlic, which you are awarded a higher ranking in "erie" society. People that choose to stay and live in Erie are complete losers with no self-esteem.
Jane "Mom we should go back to Erie and visit family in friends we haven't been there in a decade"!

Mom "No Jane that's a horrible idea. We may develop psychosis and have flashbacks of when we used to live there."

Jane You are right mom is the reason I have been in rehab 10 times is because....

Mom Yes Jane, because you grew up in Erie.
by What you talking about Willis? October 17, 2008

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