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Named after the Maasai jumping dance performed by the maassai tribe. One's penis is tucked between the thighs and as the person jumps up and down a 'handless wank' is achieved. Usually carried out in frustration after hand functionality is comprimised for extended periods. Quite difficult at first but can be perfected with practice.

The first Maasai jumping-jack was performed by Charley Boorman while filming the long way round through Africa. Charlie was whining about his bitchy little limp wrists one night and Ewan denied him a dutch rudder. So, inspired by the Maasai people he'd seen that day, the Maasai jumping-jack was born.
After that motorbike crash where he broke both his wrists, Paul became a pro at the Maasai jumping-jack.

"If Liam didn't show me how to Maasai jumping-jack myself after I burned my hands, I don't think I could've coped."
by What would Charlie do? November 08, 2012

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