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Milk that is 100% cambodian. It's the real shit.
P. Diddy drinks Cambodian breastmilk.

"Yall want me to open the studio again, yall gonna have to walk down to the Bronx and get me breastmilk from a Cambodian immigrant."

by What's a name? July 29, 2006
A really funny segment of the Jimmy Kimmel show that features a tribute to the FCC, in which they bleep and blur the week in television whether it needs it or not.
"Blacks are gagging on the *** but not yet ready to swallow the ****." Unnecessary Censorship
by What's a name? July 30, 2006
The hottest new sports event on HBO that features boxing with all gay fighters.
I just got tickets to Friday Night Sissy Fights! Ryan Seacrest versus Lance Bass!
by What's a name? July 29, 2006
Noun you give to a basketball team that will never even DREAM of making the playoffs because of suck-ass players and a low-ass salary.
The Hornets were so much better than those suck-ass Charlotte Bobcats.
by What's a name? July 30, 2006

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