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In contrast to leopard printing, whale styling someone is far too grotesque and wrong to explain on the internet, god forbid a young child's eyes wandering upon this page. Thus, for the safety of all our viewers, the true meaning of "whale style" will have to remain a tad secret, for now.

Santa: Come on baby! Give it to me, whale-style!
by WhaleExpert February 10, 2010
Similar to "slip n' slide", Slurp N' Tiger is the process of sliding down a series of wet tigers while drinking a delicious Sonic drink. Firstly, gather a couple tigers (anywhere between 3-14 should do) and hose them down with an industrial kitty water hose. DO NOT by ANY means feed the tigers cinnamon, THEY WILL HATE YOU. Then simply lay them all down on their sides in a row and slide down them. Don't forget the Sonic drink and, most importantly, have fun!
Mark: Oh goodness! Last night Tracy and I went Slurp N' Tigering in Link's backyard. It was so much fun!

Julie: Jolly, that's amazing! Did you do it "live" style?
Mark: OF COURSE. That's the ONLY way to do it!
by WhaleExpert February 12, 2010
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