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To accept a friend request on social media websites by people
who's profiles are marked private or "for friends only", with
the intent of checking out their profile pics and immediately
"unfriending" them based on the gut feeling you had by seeing
their initial profile pic. This also can come about via friend
requests from long lost friends or exes.

The underlying motive is that these people who get
"Pre-unfriended" won't notice that their friend request is
missing and not rejected.
Lisa, "Diane, check out your ex-high school boyfriend trying
to friend me."
Diane, "Eek! That's Eric, totally gave me the creeps on prom
night. Pre-unfriend him and move along!"

Tony, "Man, this chick can't take a hint Scottie! I have
Pre-unfriended her 7 times and she's friend requesting
me again!"
by Whaaaaaat? January 26, 2012
Any 'career' politician, government worker in charge of
distribution of and/or collection of fines or persons with
zealous aspirations to control the behavior of the public at
large's behavior for the sake of personal gratification in the
guise of "serving the public's best interest".
Biker Dude, "Shit. I just got another ticket for going 10mph
over. I'm tired of these federalphiles raping my wallet!"
Non-custodial child support payer, "DSHS just upped my
support another $50 a month... now I have to sell the car
and find a 'beater-commuter car'."
Friend, "Yeah, those federalphiles at the state capitol are
nothing but a bunch of federalphiles!"
by whaaaaaat? May 26, 2011

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