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(descriptive noun) The vernacular of, by, and fo da G
"It's like this, and like that, and uh; It's like that, and like this, and like that, uh..." Snoop Dogg (da ultimate G-boniker). This is your lecture at hand of G-bonics. Word.
by WhaSub? April 06, 2010
What articulate young people in the role of student say upon realizing there is a substitute teacher when entering their classroom, fo da day, just for the day. These young are the trained up and learned ones that know it is not a day for slack, rather a day for learning in a different way. A way to make fo change; respecting the Guest Teacher, and representin' their old school in a proud and accommodating style.
"WhaSub????, Huh!", is said with enthusiasm and respect, by the student who A.) appreciates the hardships of the substitute teacher in society. And, B.) forgot to do the Algebra homework packet due today and can use the "Sub-excuse" definition needed citation needed Huh!
by WhaSub? May 12, 2010
Reduce, Recycle, and Re-write your needs.
I have done the best for myself, my peeps, and my planet by respecting and representing well the 3 R's.
by WhaSub? May 06, 2010

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