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4 definitions by Westywordz


Compliments disguised as complaints, usually (if not always) in regard to oneself.
Speaker 1: "I can't stand these size two jeans. There's nothing in my closet that seems to match."

Speaker 2: "Enough with the complainiments already, Speaker 1!"
by Westywordz February 24, 2011
Less-than-presentable luggage in which items can be transported during trips or vacations.
Speaker 1: "Hold on! I've got to put my ID tag on my checked bag."

Speaker 2: "Why even bother...nobody is going to steal that ugglage off the conveyer belt!"
by Westywordz November 27, 2012
The intentional or uninentional ruining of a friend or colleague's present experience by continual texting, beyond what is considered standard and usual.
Texter 1: Blech! How are you doing with in-house payroll and benefits admin?!? Outsourced HR Company continues to screw it all up for us. :(

Texter 1: Hard work at first but very very happy! Happy to talk through it in person when I return. We are in CA now.

Texter 2: Okay. Yay for you...CA!

Texter 2: I have something I can't wait to ask you.

Texter 2: It has something to do with providing benefits at our company.

Texter 2: Okay, I'm so going to fire our health insurance broker. I can't stand her.

Texter 2: I know you should be enjoying this time with your family. I can't wait to hear what you have to say when you get home.

Texter 2: Okay, I am REALLY going to stop texting you. Have fun!

Texter 2: Can you please call me?

Texter 2: Okay, sorry to have text-bombed you. I will seriously wait until you come home next week. Call me!
by Westywordz May 28, 2013

A non-virtual compartment into which government-funded couriers deposit paper communications. Assigned to one particular person or an entire family or group of individuals residing at a common address.

Evolved from the electronically-displaced term, "mailbox."
Speaker 1: I already mailed it to you!
Speaker 2: I'm not seeing it in my mailbox.
Speaker 1: No, check your snailbox! I used stamps and everything.
by Westywordz August 17, 2013