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The phrase "I like balls," said with a slightly Indian accent. By no means should the phrase be taken literally; instead it can be compared to the versatility of the word "shit". One can mean almost anything by saying "Alakbuls", ranging from simple agreement to a hilarious insult.

Alakbuls is not affected by context, gravity, social boundaries, explosions, or parallel dimensions. It is the most versatile word ever invented, besides "OldSpiceMan". But that one is copyrighted, And no one likes paying royalties.
Teacher: You failed the test.
Student: ALAKBULS!!!!
Teacher: LOL jks you pass
Student: Alakbuls!

Guy 1: Hey man, howz it goin?
Guy 2: Alakbuls
Guy 1: Cool. See you later man
Guy 2: Alakbuls! *waves goodbye

Person 1: Hey, f@%k you man!
Person 2: Alakbuls!
Person 1: LOL I can't stay angry at a person with such linguistic skills! Have some money.
by Westovsky July 27, 2010

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