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No, this isn't the Westchester that your thinking of in New York. This is Westchester, Illinois. A small western suburb just 15 miles from the city of Chicago.
Here you have your mostly middle and upper middle class families.
Half the kids in the town think that they are ghetto, while the other half wish they were rich and hang out with Hinsdale, Western Springs, & Burr Ridge kids all the time.

If your a Westchester kid and you play baseball or softball, well then you know about 80% of the families in town.
A majority of the kids in Westchester end up going to the following high schools: St. Joes, Proviso West, PMSA, Montini. And then the preppier kids head on over to Naz.
In Westchester, every night is a party.

One of the most exciting things that happens in Westchester is THE FEST. This is the one event that every person in this town lives for. It happens only one weekend a year and occurs in July. The fest is a place where you can get food and slushies, listen to awful live bands, ride rides. Most importantly its a place where everyone is wasted and its perfectly normal.
OMG only 105 days till Westchester Fest!

Westchester always has parties
by Westchester Local March 06, 2011

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