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Westbury is a diverse town in Eastern Central Nassau County, Long Island, NY. Schools are below average. I consider there to be 3 parts of Westbury.

1. You have the southern part which is called Salisbury, this is mostly middle class caucasians.

2. The Central part which is pretty diverse, a good mix of hispanics, whites and blacks and this section is mainly working class. This is considered the least desirable section since it has a lot of day laborers, a big illegal immigrant problem and kinda rundown.

3. North of the Parkway and south of Jericho turnpike is upper middle class and mostly Black with a noticeable amount of Whites. Very nice area

Carle Place is west of Ellison Ave, Carle Place is mostly middle class to upper middle class white people. To the east of Westbury, you have New Cassel which is poor to working class and about even mix of blacks+hispanics and a big illegal immigration problem. To the north you have Old Westbury which is FILTHY rich- one of the richest towns in the country.
You: Now I know about Westbury!
Me: The more you know
by Westburito October 16, 2011

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