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Wilmette is located in the New Trier Township. Because it borders Evanston, it has a reputation of being the most ghetto of all New Trier towns. Truthfully, people in Wilmette are very wealthy, but not to the point of private jets/famous parents/mansions/etc that can be found in other parts of the New Trier Township.

Wilmette is divided into four sections. The two main sections are East and West of the tracks. The east side is on the Lake, and the houses there are almost comparable to houses in the other New Trier towns. The west side is slightly less rich, getting less and less rich the farther west you go.

Located in west Wilmette is what is known as Wilasia or the Wilmetto. Here is the poorest section of Wilmette, where almost all of the Jews and Asians live.

Also located in west Wilmette is Indian Hills. Although it is on the west side, it is the richest part of Wilmette. It is kind of like a gated community. When people from the outside try to find their way around the winding streets, they will certainly get lost. People from Indian Hills try to up their street cred by claiming they are from west Wilmette, but they are usually called on it, as Indian Hills DOES NOT count as west side.
kid 1: I'm from west wilmette, yo!
kid 2: Wtf, you live in Indian Hills. I live in the Wilmetto!
kid 3: Well I'm from Evanston.
kid 1 and 2: (run screaming)
by WestSide35 July 12, 2006

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