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2 definitions by WestHillzH1

the act of talking someone out of taking the last of something; then proceeding to take that item for yourself
Blake: Dude, you can't take that Coke it's his last one!

Taylor: Ooh, yeah man your right that would be kinda fucked up, I'll put it back

Blake: (Grabs Coke that was just put back and starts chugging it)

Taylor: Woah dude, WHAT A DOUCHE BAG MOVE!!!!
by WestHillzH1 February 02, 2008
1 1
Word to describe a confident action. Can be used while playing any sports. Usually said right before the action takes place or during the action. Always said in one sylable. One can only use this term when they know for a fact they will come through.
Pat: Dude I'll kill you in a 3-point contest!

Kyle: Hut!, yeah right you can't make shit!

Pat: (In the motion of shooting ball) KYLE!!
(shoots and scores)

Pat: Whats up now pussy? Thats the power of KYLE!
by WestHillzH1 February 02, 2008
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