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The cheap beer of choice for indie kids, scene kids, or hipsters.
Hipster no. 1: Hey man, hand me another Pee Bee Arrr!!!
Hipster no. 2: Wha??? You want more Pabst Blue Ribbon? NAY!
by WestCoastIsTheBestCoast May 31, 2006
What Pabst Blue Ribbon is to indie kids or hispters in America, Red Stripe is to indie kids or hipsters in England / U.K.
Red Stripe Beer is mentioned in the song "What Did I Ever Give You?" by the Kaiser Chiefs (Hold tight, to your Red Stripe...), perhaps selected due to its status as the quintessential "cheap beer" available at practically every Indie gig venue in the whole of England. (From Wikipedia)
by WestCoastIsTheBestCoast May 31, 2006

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